What is an Internet Radio and why you (might) need one

I suppose I am old fashion, but I like to listen to radio, I always did. I still remember being a kid and listen in the dark at Radio Free Europe with my family when the electricity was cut of by the government to save money. But that was a different country and different life. The nostalgia remained though. So I looked around on the internet to buy a radio that would receive international stations (I already have a Sony World Band Receiver ICF_SW7600GR – who the heck comes up with these names?) which is a very good receiver in its own right, but the reception sucks in my city and anyway, there are very few foreign radio stations that broadcast strong enough to receive them in SOCAL.

Simply put, an Internet Radio devices is a device that allows you to listed to over 12,000 radio stations currently streaming on the Internet. Whether you like to listen to international radio stations, or just radio stations from a different city, you are living in a place where the radio reception sucks or just want to have a device that can provide you with endless choices, the products listed on this page should offer you a starting point in choosing the right device for you. Currently, the best offer  I had found is the Aluratek AIREC01F WiFi Internet Radio Home Theater version on sale for just $49 at Amazon.