HP sd828a1 Smart Wi-Fi Display - Used as an Internet Radio? (Review)

HP created something really interesting with their 8″ sd828a1 Smart Wi-Fi Display. An attempt to make something very smart, but not completely succesfull drove the prices low, and now their Smart Wi-Fi Display, in reality a photo-frame on steroids can be obtain for a bargain price ($79 at Amazon). Now, you’ll ask yourselves, why having a photo-frame in a website dedicated to the internet radios? The short answer: because it IS an Internet Radio, and a cheap one as well. Just a little trick: By default, it cannot access more than a handfull of radio stations around the world, but it is configurable (once you go to HP Frame Website) and register it. See additional screenshots after the break). Check it at Amazon.

The HP 8″ sd828a1 can access your pictures from Facebook, MySpace, Picasa, Flickr, movies from YouTube, messages from Twitter, local Weather, etc. You just need to configure it online.


  • Price – only $79.99 at Amazon
  • Wide variety of streaming services (video, music, pictures from social networks)
  • DLNA, tested with PlayOn and PS3 Media Server (plays video, music, pictures)


  • Slow to react to the commands, might be hard to configure (requires online registration)
  • Tiny remote (altough some might see it as an advantage) gets a while getting used to
  • Once in a while hangs and need to be restarted

Here are some screenshots from HP website used to configure your Photo Frame.

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