The NPR Radio by Livio

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The NPR Radio by Livio
Manufacturer: Myine
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Product Description

About the NPR Radio by Livio: This stand-alone radio automatically connects to the internet and makes NPR stations, programs, content, and podcasts accessible to more people, in more places. Sets up in minutes. Searches for NPR programming by genre, location or keyword.The world’s first and only product dedicated to providing unparalleled access to NPR’s robust selection of programming options without a computer, the NPR Radio by Livio features an exclusive NPR menu that allows users to search, find and bookmark their favorite NPR programming with the touch of a few buttons. Easy access to NPR member stations and their featured content, podcasts, and live streams is now available anywhere an Internet connection and a power source are available, played through the radio’s own speaker or on a home stereo system. The NPR Radio by Livio sets up in minutes and requires no registration or programming fees. It also includes free access to the more than 16,000 Internet radio stations available through Reciva

Product Details

  • Also includes additional 16,000 Internet radio stations through Reciva
  • Works independently from a computer
  • Uses either a wired or a wireless Internet connection
  • Automatic software updates with new stations and features

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