Teac R-4INT Wall Mountable Internet Radio with iPod Dock

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Teac R-4INT Wall Mountable Internet Radio with iPod Dock
Manufacturer: TEAC
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Product Description

The TEAC R-4iNT combines the flexibility of its iPod/iPhone along with built in access to Internet Radio through it wireless LAN or wired LAN connections. It also features access to the Pandora Internet music service and PC streaming. Included is a digital clock, and alarm with sleep timer. Its sound quality is excellent utilizing the NXT BR stereo speaker system.The unit can be wall or desk mounted.

Product Details

  • Compatible with all iPod and iPhone models
  • FM radio and Internet radio tuner
  • Wi-Fi connection for Internet radio
  • NXT BR (Balanced Radiator) stereo speaker system
  • Digital clock with dual alarm, snooze and sleep timer

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