Philips NP2500/37 WiFi Internet Radio Network Music Player with Rhapsody (Black)

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Philips NP2500/37 WiFi Internet Radio Network Music Player with Rhapsody (Black)
Manufacturer: Philips
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Product Description

Wirelessly access 10,000+ Internet stations FREE, your music library, and Music On-Demand with a free trial from Rhapsody. Streamium is your Home Jukebox. You can access Internet music from your home country or hometown, by musical genre (rock, pop, news, sports, 80's, etc.). Your digital music is easily accessed by Streamium so you are always connected to music you already own (in addition you can leverage music from multiple PCs/Macs). Finally, you can get music-on-demand with Rhapsody (free trial included). Search thousands of titles and artists for music of your choice or play "name-that-tune" with your friends and family (by preferred genre). This network music player allows you to "free your music" from MP3 players and your computer. With easy setup you can hook-up to your home theater or home audio system so you can experience seamless entertainment with quality you are used to hearing. FullSound is a great feature built-in that brings back high-quality CD sound from your digitally compressed MP3 files. Enjoy album art from your favorite artists (from your PC/Mac, or from Rhapsody) and enjoy radio station logos and pictures that can be shown on your player. A remote allows easy music management from a distance.

Product Details

  • Access 10,000+ FREE Internet Radio Stations
  • Wirelessly stream music from PC/Mac to your home audio system
  • Music-on-demand from Rhapsody (with Free 30-day trial)
  • Easy to install with Home Audio System
  • 4-Inch LCD color display allows viewing album art (and photos)

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