Kaito Electronics Inc. KAIR168 Wireless WiFi Internet Radio

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Kaito Electronics Inc. KAIR168 Wireless WiFi Internet Radio
Manufacturer: Kaito
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Product Description

The newly released Kaito IR-168 internet radio allows you to easily get access to more than 11,000 radio stations around the world with no subscription fees. It has the most Asian radio stations among all the internet radios in the market. Just turn on the unit and it will automatically connect to a wireless network and you have a whole new world of entertainment available. You may also connect it to a local network with an ethernet cable using the RJ45 jack if you prefer. You can search for radio programs geographically by continent/country/state or by more than 30 different available categories including news, sports, music weather or even traffic information throughout the world. Once you find a favorite station, simply add it to your favorite stations for easy access in the future. You can store up to 255 favorite stations. This radio is housed in a solid wood cabinet casing that provides you with clear and rich sound, optional stereo speaker is available for purchase to enhance your listening experience. The unit comes with a SD/MMC memory card slot for playing your favorite MP3 music. This radio supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, French, Spanish and German and it can be an invaluable tool for you to learn foreign languages.

Product Details

  • Wirelessly stream over 10,000 radio stations from the world using your home WiFi network
  • 500 popular stations pre-loaded with 255 preset memories
  • Solid wood cabinet provides rich and clear sound
  • SD/MMC card slot available + earphone jack + RJ45 ethernet jack
  • Optional stereo speaker SPK-168 sold separately

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