Grace Digital GDI-IRA500 Solo Wi-Fi Receiver Wireless Radio & Media Streamer

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Grace Digital GDI-IRA500 Solo Wi-Fi Receiver Wireless Radio & Media Streamer
Manufacturer: Grace Digital
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Product Description

The Grace Digital Solo

Grace Digital Solo at a Glance
Grace Digital Solo Wireless Radio and Media Streamer
The Solo Wi-Fi Receiver provides free Internet radio from every corner of the world. View larger

Over 50,000 Stations
Listen to thousands of free Internet radio stations, podcast and on-demand content
Wireless Internet Radio Adapter and Media Streamer

The Solo Wi-Fi Receiver provides free Internet radio from every corner of the world to your home stereo. Listen to the hottest online music services like Pandora, SiriusXM, and Live365 VIP or your digital music collection. Bring your home stereo into the digital age with the Solo Wi-Fi Receiver.

The Grace Solo Internet radio has a built in 802.11n wireless connection which connects to any 802.11b.g.n router in less than 5 minutes. Play music directly from the Internet or stream your iTunes or Windows Media files from your PC or Mac directly on your home stereo. While setup is effortless, the Grace Radio supports advanced features such as WEP and WPA1/2 passwords, standard or hidden SSID's, DHCP, mac address filtering, or static IP addresses.

Over 50,000 FREE Stations

The Solo Internet radio's compact and stylish design make it a nice fit for any home stereo. Please note that the Solo does not have a built in speaker. It is an Internet radio receiver intended to connect the world of the Internet to your stereo system. As with the entire family of Grace Digital Internet radios and Wi-Fi music players, the Solo supports the leading streaming music services--Pandora, SiriusXM, Live365 VIP, and more. Connect the Solo to your existing home stereo and enjoy the world of the Internet at your fingertips. >>Learn more about available content for the Grace Digital Internet radios.

High Contrast LCD Display
High Contrast LCD Display

Easily browse thousands of free stations or login to to explore extra features. The adjustable 4-line, backlit LCD display makes it easy to view your selections, adjust your audio settings or display song title and artist details. >>See larger image

Connect to Any Home Stereo System
Connect to any Home Stereo System

The Solo Wi-Fi radio's built-in media player streams your audio files from your PC or MAC. You can also connect to any set of powered speakers or directly to your home stereo system via the high quality RCA jack stereo connectors. The 3.5mm stereo headphone jack allows you to have a private listening experience. >>See larger image

Remote Control iPhone App
Remote Control iPhone App

The Grace Remote Control application allows you to go where no IR remote has gone before. Control one or more of your Grace Internet radios from your iPhone or iPod touch. You can change the volume, turn it on or off, find stations and set presets, or even set any one of your five alarms.

Full Function Remote Control
Full Function Remote Control

Save up to 10 preset stations and use the remote control to search for new stations, skip, thumb up / down Pandora songs, and power the Solo on/off from any location in your room. Save and access up to 100 addition presets in your radio's 'my stuff' folder.

What's in the Box?

Grace Digital Solo Wi-Fi radio, remote control, power adapter, manual.

Which Grace Digital Internet Radio is Right for You?

Innovator X
Wi-Fi Tuner
Solo GDI-IRA500Innovator X GDI-IR2600Mondo GDI-IRC6000Bravado-X GDI-IR4500Wi-Fi Tuner GDI-IRDT200Nostalgic GDI-IRN1941Microsystem GDI-IRMS300
Top FeatureConnect the Internet to your stereoTable top for any room in your homeHigh resolution 3.5" color displayStereo sound with built-in subHighest audio quality to your stereoGreat sound and vintage good looksReplace your stereo system
RCA Stereo Inputs / OutputsNo / YesMini-Jack Aux-in / NoYes / YesYes / YesNo / YesYes / YesYes / Yes
iPhone/Android Remote CompatibleYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Headphone JackYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Play USB Thumb Drives*YesYesYesYesYes
External Speaker PostYes
Digital Stereo OutputYes
FM Receiver w/AntennaYes
Ethernet ConnectionOptional Dongle**Optional Dongle**Built-in RJ45Optional Dongle**Optional Dongle**
Number of Presets on Radio / Remote10 / 1010 / 1010 / 1010 / 10012 / 910 / 1010 / 10
My Stuff Presets100100100100100100100
*The USB jack supports Smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) charging, plays music from a USB thumb drive and supports the Grace USB to Ethernet connection for a wired connection.
**Sold separately.

Product Details

  • Connects your home stereo directly to your Internet without the need of a computer
  • Listen to over 18,000 AM / FM free radio and HD stations including Pandora, NPR, CBS
  • Save up to 10 station presets on the front of the radio and included remote control (alternately supports free iPhone/iTouch remote App)
  • Built in wireless 802.11n connects to any wireless 802.11b/g/n broadband router in minutes
  • The GDI-IRA500 connects to your home stereo via the built in RCA left and right connectors

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