Coby IR825 Compact Wireless Internet Radio System (Black)

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Coby IR825 Compact Wireless Internet Radio System (Black)
Manufacturer: Coby
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Product Description

Coby's IR825 puts cutting-edge radio in a compact package. Featuring both wireless internet and FM receiver, this compact system receives broadcasts from both traditional and web radio. Programmable station memory lets you save your favorite channels, digital or analog. Additional features include full-range stereo speakers, alarm clock function, and 3.5-millimeter headphone jack for private listening.

Product Details

  • Radio stations free from around the world with a Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Receives local FM radio broadcasts
  • Enjoy your entire music collection wirelessly from a computer
  • Large easy-to-read display, 5 internet radio & 5 FM radio station preset memory
  • Clock with alarm and sleep timers, full-range stereo speakers, Power: AC 100-240V

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