AR ARIR200 Tabletop Wi-Fi Internet Radio with Alarm (Black)

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AR ARIR200 Tabletop Wi-Fi Internet Radio with Alarm (Black)
Manufacturer: Audiovox
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Product Description

Acoustic Research introduces the next generation of audio entertainment with the ARIR200 Wi-Fi internet and AM/FM radio. The ARIR200 gives you access to thousands of global music and talk stations with its built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. It features a clock radio with alarm functions that allow you to wake to your favorite music or radio stations. Activate your free account with Slacker Personal Radio to access millions of tracks, hundreds of genre stations and over 10,000 artist stations. Slacker displays the next upcoming artist and provides the ability to pause or skip at any time. Other free accounts include Personal Portal and WeatherBug to receive local weather forecasts and emergency alerts. Preset six of your favorite stations per source into the radio so that you can save and retrieve your favorite stations with the push of a button. You can connect your mp3 player or flash drive into the USB connection to listen to your personal music files or save up to 10-hours of music onto the 512MB internal memory.

Product Details

  • Wi-Fi internet and AM/FM radio with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Simple online setup and activation; free accounts with Slacker Personal Radio, Personal Portal and WeatherBug
  • Clock radio and alarm functions to wake to your personal favorites
  • Record up to 10-hours of internet radio or AM/FM radio
  • USB connection for playing content from your flash drive or mp3 player

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